Volunteer service "micro love" helps 2021 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

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From October 26 to 28, during the grand China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, the "micro love" volunteer service team of China Railway Real Estate Shandong company won the unanimous praise of the exhibition organizing committee, exhibitors and visitors with meticulous and friendly services, and established a new image of China Railway and China Railway Qingdao World Expo City.


The exhibition covers an area of more than 220000 square meters, with more than 2000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, more than 30 high-end forums and important activities, and more than 100000 professional visitors. Due to the further strengthening of epidemic prevention measures and the shortage of relevant service staff, China Railway Real Estate Shandong company timely contacted the exhibition organizing committee. On the eve of the opening of the exhibition, it increased the number of volunteer service team from 12 to more than 50 overnight, so as to provide good service guarantee for the smooth progress of the exhibition.


This volunteer service is the largest one organized by Shandong company so far, with the most positive response from employees and the most in place services. All volunteers have provided high-quality, considerate and professional services to Chinese and foreign guests, visitors and exhibitors. In three days, it provided help to more than 2000 people and solved more than 200 small and micro problems, becoming the most beautiful "scenic spot" during the whole exhibition.

Taking this volunteer service activity as an opportunity, China Railway Real Estate Shandong Co., Ltd. further promoted the upgrading of volunteer service, focused on building a "micro love" volunteer service brand, took the company's "Volunteer Association" as the carrier, led by Party members and League members, guided all staff to actively participate in volunteer service activities, continuously improved management efficiency and service quality, and effectively promoted "I do practical things for the masses", Establish a good reputation, help the operation and development of enterprises, and vividly interpret the central enterprise responsibility of "trust originates from responsibility" of China Railway Real estate, which not only serves the development of enterprises themselves, but also contributes to the prosperity and development of local economy.

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