└   └ Conference Room Specification

With a total area of 6000 square meters, the multifunctional hall on the first floor is the largest columnless multifunctional hall in Qingdao, which can be used separately according to different needs. The multi-functional hall is equipped with a series of high-standard professional conference supporting facilities such as conference speech system, video display system, simultaneous interpretation system, intelligent lighting system, central control system and sound reinforcement system, which can undertake a variety of activities such as large-scale performances and catering services.




The second floor has 12 meeting rooms ranging from 50-400 square meters, and each area is connected by a 3120 square meter hall to form a spacious and bright shared space. An ancient architecture of Qin and Han Dynasties style with black tiles and red columns, overlapping cornices and simple atmosphere is built in it, which forms a unique landscape with streamlined elements with marine characteristics. It can be used as a media studio or undertake various painting exhibitions and tea parties.






The third floor has a columnless banquet hall with an area of more than 2430 square meters, which can be flexibly divided into five independent spaces. In addition, the entrance hall of the banquet hall with an area of more than 1400 square meters introduces natural light, which is a perfect place for holding theme tea breaks, cocktail parties, team building and other activities. All conference venues are equipped with advanced high-tech facilities and equipment and high-speed wireless internet access. At the same time, professional and experienced conference housekeepers will ensure an unparalleled and efficient experience for participants.




There are 3 independent small and medium-sized conference rooms on the fourth floor, covering an area of 60-240 square meters.