└   └ Apartment introduction

Asia residence is positioned as the largest apartment hotel cluster in Asia. It is built to meet the living needs of convention, exhibition and Conference business people with the standard of bag check-in. It complements with the surrounding five-star hotels to form a hotel selection space of different grades of high, middle and low.

Contact information of Asian Residence: 0532-58589999

Address: No. 7777, Binhai Avenue, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong



Enjoy the benefits of the location and earn the future of the city

The carefully designed apartment products of the project are located in the core position of the project - adjacent to the exhibition plate on the left, enjoying 3.6 million passenger flow every year, integrating residence, business, rental and investment, with immeasurable value; Enjoy the West Coast Central Park on the right, covering an area of 333 hectares. It is an ecological leisure center with forest as the base and water system as the context. It combines forest rest and coastal sightseeing. The rare scenery is natural ecology, suitable for living and vacation.

The 30-50 ㎡ Asian residence covers everything

Undertake the national mission and provide customized services for the East Asian maritime cooperation platform. In the future, national and international large-scale exhibitions will be launched, and participants and distinguished guests from all over the world will be received. Asia residence has many product lines, such as 30 ㎡ hotel apartment, 40 ㎡ vacation loft and 50 ㎡ comfortable self living, to meet the living and investment needs of different owners.

30 ㎡ sugar cube apartment

Star hardcover standard, bag check-in, all-functional and exquisite practical space, all-round service for exhibition and business office staff, deduce a leisurely life attitude, and it is a different sky for flying mood.


40 ㎡ magic cube apartment

In the peak tourist season, it is more suitable for summer residence. You can have three meals independently and make reasonable spatial layout planning to create a living space of every square meter. With one layer of cost, we can accept double benefits and live up to the beauty of life.


50 ㎡ Youke apartment

The house type is square and the functional space is exquisitely arranged, just to create a comfortable place to live. In the future, the leisure and beautiful time will be comfortable and comfortable to meet the needs of residents for a better life.


Gather all kinds of customs and deduce different styles

Named after major cities in Asia, the Asian residence is rich in artistic style, Zen and fashion of Japan and South Korea, simplicity and comfort of new Chinese style and tropical style of Southeast Asia; In terms of product design, try to restore the local style and characteristics, and spread the new life in the future with humanized design. At the same time, the project also integrates the cultural characteristics of various countries and makes it an important international social life platform.

Greater China

The most cosmopolitan sense of city, simple style and atmospheric feelings, such as the trendy and modern model of the Hong Kong Pavilion, give people a natural understanding with simplicity over complexity.

Japan and South Korea

The space pays attention to the ingenious integration of the sense of history and the sense of modernity, such as the Zen realm of the Japanese pavilion and the trend and fashion of the Korean Pavilion. It is matched with chic modern works of art to reflect the local style and charm everywhere.

Southeast Asia

The interior style pays more attention to the characteristics of the island, the decoration is exquisite, and the handicrafts made of manual raw materials are quiet and elegant. The use of rattan, bamboo and other materials reproduces the tropical style and truly realizes the integration with nature.