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China Railway Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Co., Ltd

It is the only brand and leading enterprise in China Railway Real estate sector

It is one of the 16 central enterprises mainly engaged in real estate approved by the SASAC of the State Council


With a registered capital of 6.5 billion yuan, the company has first-class qualifications for real estate development and property service. The business scope includes real estate development, urban comprehensive operation, property management, commercial operation and related services.

The company implements the national development strategy, focuses on the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, and Pearl River Delta, stabilizes the western region, the Shandong Peninsula, the West Bank of the Strait, central China and other regions, take Beijing as the center and radiates the whole country, and develops more than 50 projects in more than 20 central cities, with a development area of 20 million square meters.

The company implements the group operation, fine management and professional development strategy, adopt the three-level control mode of "headquarters - Region - Project", and forms a complete integrated operation system of "Investment Consulting - Design and development - product sales - Business Management - property service" by establishing a secondary professional company and integrating external professional resources. At present, the asset scale of China Railway Real estate has exceeded 80 billion yuan, and the annual sales in 2017 exceeded 20 billion yuan.

Based on creating a series of products, the company covers composite real estate, tourism real estate, residential real estate, pension real estate, commercial real estate, and urban comprehensive operation, and has initially formed a series of products such as "Yidu", "Shuian", "China Railway city", "Shuiying", "colorful", "center" and "square". Among them, the comprehensive urban operation, from urban planning to urban construction, from improving people's livelihood to attracting investment, from promoting employment to increasing taxes, has a professional and mature development model.

The company advocates people-oriented culture and has formed an enterprise culture system with "family culture" as the core. The company has successively won the honorary titles of green construction achievement enterprise award, China's famous real estate enterprise, advanced collective of central enterprises, demonstration unit of central enterprise culture, national model worker's home, National worker pioneer and so on; The project has repeatedly won provincial and ministerial Construction Engineering Award, national Jingrui science and technology award, United Nations Human Settlements demonstration award and other honors.

China Railway Real estate takes "trust comes from responsibility" as the brand concept, implements the sustainable development strategy, gives full consideration to ecological environmental protection and energy conservation, and is committed to building green buildings; Protect in development and develop in protection, and strive to build cultural buildings; Continue to pursue architectural quality and strive to build century old buildings; Actively participate in public welfare and charity undertakings and care for people with special social needs; Give full play to the advantages of capital and technology to inject new power into the city; Strive to create a growth platform and rising space for employees, and finally realize the scientific development of real estate development.

In creating a new era of the Chinese dream of 1.4 billion people, with the mission and responsibility of "creating a beautiful space and benefiting the public", China Railway Real estate is committed to building a domestic first-class comprehensive real estate operator and building the future of the country with you with awe, gratitude, openness, and sharing.