More than 14 million yuan exhibition awards in Qingdao West Coast new area to support the stable development of enterprises

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"This award supplement is really" timely rain ", which shows us the strength and determination of Qingdao West Coast new area to support the development of exhibition industry, and also increases our confidence and motivation in operation." Wang Xiang, general manager of Qingdao haigao Home Furnishing Exhibition Co., Ltd., told reporters excitedly after receiving the fund for the 2019 Exhibition Award project that the arrival of the fund for the award and supplement greatly eased the operating pressure brought by the epidemic to the company.

It is reported that in accordance with several policies of Qingdao West Coast New Area on promoting the development of exhibition industry, Qingdao West Coast new area has recently paid more than 14 million yuan of prize and subsidy fund in 2019, benefiting 35 exhibition enterprises. The reporter also learned that this year's prize and subsidy funds were paid much earlier than the original time, so as to ease the pressure on the working capital of the exhibition enterprises and help the exhibition enterprises to survive the epidemic and develop stably.

It is understood that in 2019, the West Coast New Area formulated and issued several policies on promoting the development of exhibition industry in Qingdao West Coast new area, and granted certain subsidies to qualified trade exhibition, consumption exhibition, establishment of independent legal person exhibition enterprises by foreign well-known exhibition institutions, exhibition venues put into operation, etc. During this year's epidemic, the new area also issued the implementation opinions on responding to the epidemic and supporting the development of the exhibition industry, taking nine measures to foster and expand the main body of the exhibition market, increase the support of the exhibition policy, support the resumption of production of exhibition enterprises and strengthen the construction of the exhibition talent team, and vigorously support the development of the exhibition industry.


"Considering the difficulties of exhibition enterprises in operation during the epidemic, the finance and Exhibition departments of the new area speed up the review process of exhibition incentive projects in 2019, pay cash policy incentive funds to enterprises in a timely manner, alleviate the financial pressure of enterprises, and help exhibition enterprises cope with the impact of the epidemic." Li Min, director of the planning section of Qingdao West Coast new area convention and Exhibition Service Center, told reporters that in 2020, the new area will increase the amount of awards and subsidies. For the Convention and exhibition projects that meet the policy support standards, the standards of awards and subsidies will rise by 20%.

It is understood that in 2019, the West Coast new area attracted 23 professional exhibitions, including the Asia agriculture and food industry expo and China Education Equipment Exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 1.06 million square meters; it attracted more than 400 meetings with more than 100 people, including 87 meetings with more than 1000 people, and more than 400000 people from outside the city. The high-end exhibitions are held intensively, which directly drives the income of catering and accommodation, advertising and media, cultural tourism, business retail, transportation and logistics and other related industries to nearly 10 billion yuan. Exhibition economy has become a new growth point of modern service industry in the new area. At present, the West Coast new area is actively helping exhibition venues, exhibition enterprises and relevant units of the exhibition industry to speed up the "restart" of the industry and promote the exhibition industry into a normal track.

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