Clean business card, create high-end brand exhibition, gather in new highland, enhance the reputation of "exhibition shore"

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The seventh plenary session of the first session of the Working Committee (District Committee) put forward the goal and task of "successfully hosting the 2020 East Asia maritime cooperation platform Qingdao forum and other major activities at a high level, reaching an exhibition scale of more than 1 million square meters, and creating a new highland for high-end brand exhibition clusters at home and abroad". The headquarters of the "exhibition shore" battle will focus on attracting well-known large-scale exhibitions and high-end exhibitions at home and abroad, cultivate independent brand exhibitions, optimize the supporting service environment, polish the "exhibition shore" business card, and help the new area to improve the city's influence, popularity and reputation.



Further increase the recruitment, especially more large-scale exhibitions and high-end exhibitions in various industries

The exhibition recruitment team took the initiative to carry out publicity and exhibition activities in traditional exhibition venues such as Wuhan, and organized the exhibition recruitment on a larger scale by using online methods, which has achieved good results. It has attracted a large number of industry associations and large exhibition companies to visit and negotiate cooperation in the New Area, and has made sufficient project reserves for the development of the exhibition industry in the next step.

The first exhibition of this year, China International API exhibition, opened on June 9, which is also the first large-scale exhibition held in northern China. From now until the end of December, there are 24 large-scale exhibitions that have been determined to be held. In the next step, we will continue to make efforts to mobilize resources extensively and strive to fully arrange the schedule within the year, so as to bring more development opportunities for related industries.


Focus on independent brand exhibition

Such as the Qingdao forum of the East Asia Ocean cooperation platform, the East Asia Ocean Expo, the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum, the Global Health Expo, the Asia agriculture and food industry expo, and the North Tea Expo. This year, through online and offline integration, the exhibition will further expand the scope of participation and audience, and improve the influence and popularity of "exhibition shore".

This year, the offline on-site exhibition area of East Asia Ocean Expo is 60000 square meters, half of which is higher than that of last year. A number of world top 500 and domestic leading enterprises in advanced manufacturing industry have decided to participate in the exhibition, which will bring the concentrated display of advanced technology and products in the marine industry and new infrastructure industry. The Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Expo will also be upgraded to highlight the characteristics of globalization. By cultivating and expanding brand exhibitions, better integrating resources and marketing cities, lengthening the exhibition industry chain, promoting the integration and development of exhibition and high-end manufacturing, scientific and technological information, cultural and creative tourism and other industries, driving the transformation and upgrading of relevant industries, and at the same time, more firmly establishing the position of the new area in the exhibition industry at home and abroad.


Strive to create an excellent supporting service environment

In view of the issues related to government services and supporting construction raised by the exhibition enterprises, the exhibition enterprises should take the initiative to connect with each other and provide the best government services and supporting services such as municipal administration, transportation, safety and epidemic prevention, so as to ensure the satisfaction of exhibitors from home and abroad. This work also needs the joint efforts of the whole society, especially the operators of transportation, catering and other industries, to jointly create a convenient, efficient, comfortable and comfortable urban environment, and to build the new area into a new highland for the high-end brand exhibition gathering at home and abroad that the organizers and exhibitors yearn for.

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