The second Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Expo opens in Qingdao

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Wang Xiujie, a poster journalist from, reports from Qingdao

Qingdao once again ushers in "Boao time".

As an important part of the global health conference, the second Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Expo opened in Qingdao China Railway Expo City on June 1. Zhou Xiaochuan, vice president of Boao Forum for Asia, Li Baodong, Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia, and Margaret Chan, chairman of global health forum of Boao Forum for Asia, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.


The second Global Health Expo of Boao Forum for Asia opened. Mao Daoguang photo

It is reported that the Global Health Expo aims to build a platform for government departments and the business community to promote advanced policy ideas, cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation and the latest product achievements in a more intuitive way to the world, help policy makers communicate with the business community, and promote the development of the health industry. This is also an important attempt of Boao Forum for Asia to develop in the direction of combining exhibition with innovation. In 2019, Boao Forum for Asia held the first Health Expo during the first global health forum, attracting more than 200 enterprises and more than 20000 visitors, playing a very important role in promoting industrial exchanges and popularizing health concepts and knowledge.

The exhibition area of the Global Health Expo is planned to be Shandong Star Pavilion and Global Health Pavilion, covering an area of 20000 square meters. The highlights of the one Expo are "one belt, one road", including the Chinese medicine going to the world exhibition area, the international exhibition area (international organization, embassy), the provincial and municipal delegations exhibition area, the medical innovation achievement exhibition area, the United Nations procurement and international cooperation project promotion, the government promotion, the new product release of the exhibitors, etc., during the conference, we will build an important platform for industrial interconnection, industry exchange and supply and demand docking. Promote the display and exchange of global health high-quality industry and resources, so as to promote the stable and orderly development of global health.

Li Baodong said in his speech that although the epidemic situation made the overall preparation time of the Expo tight, it also limited the participation of some foreign businessmen. However, the scale of the first Expo is still maintained, with more detailed plans, more reasonable zoning and more abundant exhibition contents. Shandong pavilion was specially set up in the Expo, reflecting the attention of Shandong Province and Qingdao City, the host city, to the health cause and industrial development. It is believed that this global health Expo will continue to play a good role as a platform to exchange epidemic prevention experience, popularize health knowledge, display product technology, promote industrial cooperation, and achieve win-win and multi win.

Chen Fengfuzhen said the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has seriously affected the lives and health of the people, and has caused serious attacks on all walks of life and the global economy. However, we can also see that many enterprises have survived in a desperate situation. Under the complex situation of the epidemic, they are still finding a new field of development. The big health industry is one of them. The big health industry has become one of the fastest growing industries since the epidemic. In this context, the global health forum takes the Health Expo as a platform to boost the transformation, integration and upgrading of the big health industry. It can be said that at the right time, I call on all countries and regions in the world to make good use of the new development opportunities of the big health industry, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, attach importance to industrial guidance, and actively promote the development of the big health cause, In order to create a new growth point of the world economy, promote human health and well-being and sustainable economic development.

Zhao Haozhi, deputy secretary of Qingdao municipal Party committee and mayor, and Xue Qingguo, deputy mayor, attended the event.

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