Preparatory meeting for 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition held in Qingdao

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         On June 24, the preparatory meeting for 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, jointly sponsored by China Agricultural machinery circulation association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, was held in Qingdao West Coast new area. The organizers, government departments of Qingdao and West Coast new area, exhibition hall operators and main service providers, etc, Mao Hong, President of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, Niu Runzhi, deputy director of Qingdao agricultural and rural Bureau, and Shao Rui, deputy head of West Coast new area attended and spoke on the preparations for the 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. Representatives of more than 130 enterprises attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yang Lin, vice president of China Agricultural Mechanization Association.


          Shao Rui said in his speech that the West Coast New Area attaches great importance to the development of convention and exhibition industry, adheres to taking major convention and exhibition projects as the basis and planning and organizing high-end Convention and exhibition activities as the starting point, and strives to create a new business card of "Convention and Exhibition coast". As the largest exhibition undertaken by the West Coast new area this year, 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition has been highly valued by the Management Committee of the working committee of the West Coast new area and has made special arrangements for many times. At present, the guarantee work undertaken by the exhibition is being carried out in an orderly manner, including the expansion of the outdoor exhibition hall, the temporary closure and transformation of Sansha road into an exhibition hall The reconstruction of Central Park parking lot will be completed according to the time node required by the organizer of agricultural machinery exhibition; The traffic flow regulation scheme employs a powerful third-party professional company and is developing a detailed scheme to ensure smooth and orderly traffic during the exhibition.


             Niu Runzhi said in his speech that the establishment of China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Qingdao is a great love and support for the development of agricultural modernization in Qingdao. Qingdao agricultural and rural Bureau will strengthen communication with various departments in the West Coast new area, do a solid job in all work and do a good job in the service of this exhibition.


            Qu Jie, director of convention and Exhibition Service Center of West Coast new area, introduced in detail the guarantee work of undertaking China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. As the largest exhibition in the history of the new area, the leaders of the new area have held more than 10 special meetings to study the reconstruction and expansion of public facilities around the exhibition hall, road improvement and traffic flow regulation schemes, formed a complete public resource guarantee mechanism, and established a leading group for the development of exhibition industry headed by the leaders of the new area to be fully responsible for the coordination of various exhibition activities in the new area Service and guarantee work, and a complete special service guarantee scheme has been established. The transformation of many hardware facilities has been steadily promoted, and the temporary exhibition area has been expanded to meet the needs of exhibition area; Comprehensive measures to meet the needs of exhibition parking lot; Add traffic signs to facilitate the passage of exhibitors; Transform and repair traffic facilities to ensure smooth roads; Formulate traffic guarantee scheme to ensure smooth traffic; Standardize the prices of accommodation, hotels and catering during major exhibitions.


              Li Hong, general manager of the venue operation branch of Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Co., Ltd., introduced the preparations for the exhibition hall. The Expo City takes the landing service of agricultural machinery exhibition as the wind vane to undertake all kinds of large-scale exhibitions. The exhibition operator and several departments of Qingdao municipal and district governments have repeatedly visited the Wuhan Agricultural Machinery Exhibition site to investigate and learn about the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition hall of the World Expo City has formed a strong service team and joined the working group of the agricultural machinery exhibition organizers to accumulate experience in transportation, security, logistics, conference organization, catering, broadcasting, cleaning and on-site management. Qingdao World Expo City has carried out a lot of transformation work to undertake the agricultural machinery exhibition. First, many flat and hardened areas outside the exhibition hall will be used as the outdoor exhibition hall of agricultural machinery exhibition; Second, postpone the development of the commercial plot of the amorous town and use it as the unloading platform for the agricultural machinery exhibition after leveling and hardening; Third, temporary measures shall be taken to prevent rain leakage in the exhibition gallery of the venue to ensure its use during the exhibition. According to the exhibition requirements of the agricultural machinery exhibition, the Qingdao World Expo City venue has customized a detailed landing scheme for the agricultural machinery exhibition, including but not limited to: Traffic Guarantee Scheme (including parking, flow regulation, customized public transportation, encryption of bus and subway shifts, construction of bus rental harbor, traffic indication signs, etc.); Logistics support scheme (covering truck move in and move out queue, unloading, packing box management, etc.); Login and closure scheme; Exhibition security, cleaning party, meal supply, on-site service, exhibition government security scheme, etc., and constantly connect, modify and adjust with the host and the main venue to seek the best scheme.


           As the main service provider of China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition for 7 consecutive years, Li Zhongxiao, general manager of Beijing Guoji Lianchuang Advertising Co., Ltd., introduced the measures taken for exhibition management from many aspects. First, safety. The builders still cut corners; Individual booths are not constructed according to the drawings, resulting in unstable booth structure; For power consumption, it is necessary to eliminate the use of national standard cables and wires, terminals not used for wiring, wires not passing through pipes, etc. The removal shall be carried out in an orderly manner according to the time specified by the general assembly, and the phenomenon of not wearing safety helmets during removal shall be eliminated. Second, civilized exhibition and eliminate noise. This year, the exhibition will still strictly control the sound of the on-site sound, and implement a series of schemes such as enterprise self inspection, mutual inspection and inspection. Any booth whose sound exceeds the 75 dB specified by the exhibition will be punished according to the regulations.


            As one of the important supporting activities of the exhibition, the 2019 annual award selection of China's agricultural machinery industry has entered the application stage. When introducing the activities, fan Jinglong, executive vice president of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, pointed out that in the annual award selection activities hosted by the three associations free of charge, some enterprises reflected that the award-winning honors can be recognized by many institutions and units more than the honors given by social business behavior. This activity adjusted the setting of awards, cancelled the market Expression Award and cutting-edge enterprise award, put the award ceremony in front of the opening ceremony, and added an honor wall to increase attention and further improve the influence of award-winning products and enterprises.


           In his concluding speech, Mao Hong stressed that China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is not only the largest activity in the industry, but also a wind vane for the development of the industry. This year, in order to implement the central government's policy on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the spirit of Document No. 1, the Rural Revitalization Plan and the transformation and upgrading of agricultural equipment will be reflected in this exhibition. With various safeguard measures of government departments and the support of all forces in the industry, the exhibition will be better and better.


              In addition, Tang Xuyan, vice president of Qingdao Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, introduced the development of exhibition industry in Qingdao; Chen Zhongyi, deputy director of China Agricultural Reclamation economic development center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, introduced the 2019 national reclamation area service plan of the agricultural reclamation center and China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association; Guo Wei, Deputy Secretary General of China Pesticide Industry Association, introduced the cooperation with China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association; Liu Song, director of exhibition business department of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, introduced the progress of preparatory work such as exhibition theme, booth allocation principle, audience organization and activity arrangement; Shen Xia, general manager of Qingdao Zhonghong Boyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., introduced the preparations of the West Coast Hotel; Zonglian exhibition logistics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. introduced the logistics preparations and stressed that the mobilization of this exhibition will be strictly controlled according to the time period.

           The delegates also visited the Expo City, learned about the design and construction of the exhibition hall and the planning and layout of the booth, and signed an exhibition agreement with the organizers.

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