China Railway Expo City 2020 Qingdao International Film and Television Design Week!

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Fashion Qingdao, the film capital designed to empower, sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence As an important part of Qingdao international fashion city and film and television industry, Qingdao International Film and Television Design Week has become a cultural calling card of the city. 


Yunju, a leading figure in the field of film and Television Design in China, with the full recovery of the film and Television Industry, this design week will use a super lineup to carry out the central government's important instruction of "running a meeting well and enlivening a city" , we will promote the prevention and control of epidemic situations and social development in a coordinated manner, and attract more resources from advantageous industries in the fields of film, television and design, with the concept of "Fashion Qingdao film capital" and the theme of "design empowerment" , the event will be held in conjunction with China (Qingdao) international fashion week to share film and Television Fashion Resources and venues, lead the upgrading of the film and Television Fashion Industry and enable the city to develop with high quality 


 Speaking at the opening ceremony, Liu Shaojian noted that Beijing International Design Week is a large-scale cultural event approved by the central government and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and tourism and the government of Beijing. As an urban cooperation project of Beijing International Design Week, Qingdao International Film and Television Design Week first landed in Qingdao last year under the background of strategic cooperation between Beijing and Shandong. 


"This year, the Qingdao Design Center project, jointly built by Beijing and Shandong enterprises, will be officially launched to promote the upgrading of the film, television, fashion, cultural and tourism industries in Qingdao, and to enable the city's innovative development, " Liu said.


 Huang shared three feelings: "shoulder the responsibility" , "lead by innovation" and "win the future" . "The platform will rely on the numerous top-quality programs, brand Ip, core resources and the extensive and influential industrial chain accumulated over the years, " he said. 


"It will design and develop rich cultural and creative products with rich traditional cultural styles, general stage characteristics and international standards in many functional areas such as office, living, entertainment, outdoor and children's intellectual development.


 " Wang said on the spot that a film can not be made without production and design. Film and Television Industry in the continuation of the film in the recovery, recovery, revitalization. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. 


Qingdao Design Week will take this opportunity to establish a global network of design cooperation in the fields of fashion, film and Television, attract international design resources and build a multinational design service platform. China Railway Expo City, as the exchange platform for this event, will not only contribute to the economic development of Qingdao, but also bring vitality and vitality to the revival of the film and Television Industry. 


It will fully embody the unique brand differentiation advantages of Qingdao international film and Television Design Week and add tiles to the building of an "open, modern, dynamic and fashionable" Qingdao.

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