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August 29, the 20th China (Qingdao) international fashion week in Qingdao West Coast New District China Railway Qingdao World Expo City International Conference Center Grand Opening. The theme of this Fashion Week is "the new power -- the awakening of the force. "


 By "fashion show, Forum Salon, original design trading and innovative life experience exhibition, Art Independent Space Exhibition, fashion activities" and other five core content. Discover fashion authenticity from the original point of view, gather the origin of fashion in Qingdao, connect with the international trend, highlight the dual charm of original and fashion. 


At the opening ceremony, the Oriental Fashion Original Design Trading Center, which is operated by Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group, was officially launched. In view of the industry original design demand pain point, the original design trading center is an interactive, comprehensive platform. It provides "surface accessories, new materials, new technology, new technology, original design copyright, original products, the latest data consulting" and other display trading services;


The original designers and apparel enterprises, accessories enterprises, marketing platforms to achieve precise docking, thus, it forms an original design industry chain of "designer's original design work At the same time, the helkaos industrial internet platform has reached strategic cooperation with leading domestic designer and professional service provider Beijing Fashion Show, qingdao Zhongfang Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group Co. , Ltd. and Xiamen Duoxiang Interactive Culture Communication Co. , Ltd. 


released "fashion goods" cooperation project. Amos Ananda, an international high-end street-wear brand, and EXR, South Korea's largest racing brand, opening ceremonies on the themes of "DEFENDER" and "unlimited progress 2020" , respectively, Ōhide. 


The fashion week also introduced the concept of "sustainable fashion" for the first time, with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) , an international authority to launch the Marine Conservation Initiative, Public Welfare Star Cheney Chen and well-known designer Li Wenjie jointly designed the "protection of the sea" whale theme Charity T-shirt also debuted. 20 years forge ahead, 20 years Chunhua Qiushi. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. 


In this fashion week, Qingdao's important fashion landmarks, key industrial regions and high-end shopping malls were organically connected and deeply integrated, further increasing the proportion of online activities, the introduction of community e-commerce, industrial Internet platforms, the participation of local enterprises, manufacturers to a new level of interaction, leading fashion consumption, innovation of traditional manufacturing marketing models, the internet-enabled textile and garment industry to play a positive role in transformation and upgrading. In recent years, the West Coast New District of Qingdao has focused on the development of fashion economy.


 As the exhibition platform of the 20th China (Qingdao) international fashion week, the Expo City of China Railway has built an open platform for fashion industry to gather resources of industrial value chain, drive industry to fall into position and lead the fashion economy.

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