China (Qingdao) international beer industry chain service exchange conference will be held in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City on April 27. The exhibition lasts for three days. Welcome to visit.

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"It's coming, it's coming..." the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. It's one day before the grand opening of the China (Qingdao) international beer industry chain service exchange. With the careful preparation of the organizing committee, exhibitors and all staff members, the preparation of the exchange and the construction of exhibition booths have been successfully completed.


In addition to professional seminars, cooperation forums and the United Nations fashion brewing Festival, there are more than 100 kinds of brewed beer in the world waiting for you to taste. Would you like to have a preview? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.


More than 110 famous exhibitors

More than 110 leading enterprises participated in more than 10 sections including raw materials, production equipment, brewery brands, various cooperation platforms, industry resources, cold chain logistics, packaging, R & D and technical services, and beer peripheral products.

Just one ticket

More than 100 kinds of craft beer meet your taste buds

More than 100 kinds of craft beer with different styles and tastes from all over the world were collected at the exchange meeting. With only one ticket (the link of audience registration), you can enjoy the happiness and satisfaction surrounded by more than 100 kinds of craft beer. You can taste the craft beer with different tastes.


Industry celebrities gather

Professional seminar

Cooperation Forum and joint brewing

Industry bigwigs "talk about wine", explore the development path of upstream and downstream enterprises in the beer industry chain under the background of industrial Internet, and make suggestions for upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain under the epidemic situation to seek common development; In order to innovate and develop the industrial chain, we launched the "United brewing United tide new product Festival". The upstream and downstream enterprises, brewers and pioneers of the industrial chain cross-border integration, and cooperated with young artists to break through the barriers, innovate consumption scenarios, establish new sales channels, and lead the new direction of China's beer brewing.

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