2021 International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Booth Application open!

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Schedule of China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2021

The 2021 international agricultural machinery exhibition will be arranged for 4 days, with 3 days of exhibition period and 2 days of withdrawal( Admission with valid certificates)

Exhibition period: October 22-25

Exhibition period: October 26-28

Withdrawal period: October 29-30

Venue: International Exhibition Center of Qingdao World Expo City (No. 3399, Sansha Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province)

Unit information filling: long term open

Booth declaration: 10:00 on April 26 to 17:00 on May 15 (the first batch)

Declaration process and time node

Declaration time: 10:00 on April 26 to 17:00 on May 15. Exhibitors begin to declare their booths online. The first batch of exhibitors declared during this period; Those who declare later than 17:00 on May 15 are the second batch of exhibitors. For the second batch of exhibitors, the organizer does not guarantee that they can be allocated to the booth.

Exhibition area planning: from May 16 to June 4, the organizer will plan the exhibition space according to the declaration data and match the orders of each exhibitor. For the orders that the type and area of the declared exhibition space cannot match directly, the staff of the organizer will communicate and adjust with the declaration staff of the exhibitor.

Booth allocation: the booth allocation will start from 10:00 on June 5, and the "exhibition agreement" will be generated from 10:00 on June 15. The exhibitor must log in to the official website - I want to participate - upload / download the agreement, read the "integrity contract" and "civilized exhibition commitment" for confirmation before downloading / printing the "exhibition agreement" and returning it with seal, Telegraphic transfer of exhibition fees and upload the "remittance form", personal remittance please note the company name( Please operate in accordance with the requirements of the "exhibition agreement". The organizer will cancel the booth of the exhibitor who fails to pay within the time limit).

Booth cleaning: from 10:00 on June 24, the organizer will refund the booth of the first batch of exhibitors who did not arrive on time, and allocate the returned booth to the second batch of exhibitors who were not allocated to the booth.

Exhibitors assigned to booths should complete the "staff fill in" in the system before September 15 (for the production of exhibitor card)“ The "freight car information" shall be declared in the official website system no later than October 18. After October 18, the "vehicle information" will be transferred to the on-site management software of the main venue for declaration (the "truck information" will be used for the traffic management report of Qingdao West Coast New Area).

Around September 20, the organizer will mail the exhibition materials such as "booth card", "Exhibitor Manual" and booth fee invoice to all exhibitors.

From October 22 to 25, the exhibitor will go to the "Exhibitor service center" with the "booth card" to get the "Exhibitor card" and "exhibition journal".

Declaration and distribution of 2021 International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Information filling and booth declaration will be open at 10:00 on April 26. This year, the booth declaration still implements the distribution system. I hope that the person in charge of the exhibitor will pay full attention to this work and assign a special person for the sales business to fill in accurately and effectively.

First registration

Log in to the official website of IFAM (Domain Name: www.camf.com.cn )Register.

Existing account number

Open the official website of IFAM and log in with user name and password.

After registration and login, enter "my application center" to continue to complete the corresponding information filling items:

Log in to my application center

Fill in personal information, company information and product information

Click I want to participate

Fill in contact information and billing information

The organizer reviews the information filled in and informs the contact person of the exhibition booking through SMS to proceed with the next step of the exhibition process.

Fill in the declaration booth / Advertisement

Select the products from the product information ("agricultural machinery bank" synchronous display).

When applying for the booth, select the first, second and third products and the exhibition area( The organizer will give priority to the distribution according to the exhibition area of the first product.)

Choose the location of the exhibition area, including indoor clean land, indoor standard booth and outdoor clean land. Fill in the real display area or quantity.

Please choose according to your own needs (optional).

Allocation principle: ① the organizer shall allocate the main and secondary products according to the measures and methods of "Exhibitor credit evaluation system", "punishment standard for violation of regulations by units and builders" and in combination with the batch of declaration time and product distribution planning of exhibition area.

After filling in, the organizer will allocate the booth according to the declaration information and generate the "exhibition agreement", and then inform the exhibition booking contact by SMS to proceed with the next step of the exhibition process.

Complete the "download / upload agreement": read the "integrity contract" and "civilized exhibition commitment" before downloading / uploading the "exhibition agreement" and "remittance form".

After filling in, the organizer will verify the information according to the information filled in, and inform the exhibition booking contact person through SMS after confirmation, so as to carry out the next step of the exhibition process.

Fill in exhibitor information and truck information

The staff information and truck information can be filled in one by one, and the system can also forward the QR code to the corresponding personnel for filling in at the mobile terminal.

The management system of the number of certificates is implemented in the exhibition. The "Exhibitor's certificate" is subject to the proportion of the confirmed exhibition area, and the free quantity is subject to the proportion of the free quantity.


Consultation telephone

China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association

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Fu Rao 15201223409

Liu Manli 15901230019

Huaichangsheng 13311578953

Cui Wei 13611177964

Fan Jingyi 13661162799

China Agricultural Mechanization Association

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China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association

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