With the blessing of the two centers, Qingdao will be built into a dynamic and charming International Convention and exhibition city

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This afternoon, Qingdao's "14th five year plan" special planning press conference (Session 8) was held at Qingdao International News Center. The reporter of Qingdao news network learned from the press conference that by 2025, Qingdao will be built into a dynamic and charming International Convention and Exhibition City, and a nationally famous marine Convention and Exhibition Center and fashion Convention and Exhibition Center.


Build a dynamic and charming International Convention and Exhibition City

By 2025, we will strive to basically form an exhibition industry system with optimized structure, perfect functions, solid foundation, reasonable layout and balanced development, and build Qingdao into a dynamic and charming International Exhibition City.

By 2025, strive to hold more than 550 influential exhibition festivals throughout the year, and form five international brand exhibition activities with high popularity in the world; Cultivate more than 15 domestic brand exhibition activities with national influence; It has established strategic cooperative relations with 50 well-known Convention and exhibition institutions at home and abroad, joined about 10 Regional Convention and Exhibition alliances or international convention and exhibition organizations, and the Convention and exhibition exchange and cooperation mechanism of Jiaodong Peninsula Cities is becoming more and more perfect.

Build a national well-known marine Convention and Exhibition Center

And Fashion Exhibition Center

Based on Qingdao's industry and resources, we will strive to build Qingdao into a nationally famous marine Convention and Exhibition Center and fashion Convention and Exhibition Center.

The construction of marine Convention and Exhibition Center will focus on the implementation of the strategy of becoming a maritime power, and promote the development of major marine Convention and exhibition activities such as China International Fisheries Expo and the world marine science and technology conference in the direction of brand marine Convention and exhibition based on superior port conditions, strong marine economy, marine resources gathering and active marine Convention and exhibition, Plan and introduce new marine exhibition activities with different themes and forms. The construction of fashion exhibition center will rely on major fashion exhibitions such as Qingdao International Beer Festival, Qingdao International Fashion Week, Qingdao International Auto Show and Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition to guide the formation of a new trend of "exhibition fashion" and "fashion exhibition".

Firmly grasp the "three directions"

Adhere to the market-oriented development direction of exhibition. Clarify the relationship between the government and the market, encourage the accelerated development of various market-oriented and professional exhibitions, and achieve double growth in quantity and quality.

Adhere to the international development direction of exhibition. Follow the International Convention and exhibition market rules, constantly improve the quantity and quality of International Convention and exhibition activities, and actively cultivate a number of international brands with international competitiveness.

Adhere to the characteristic development direction of exhibition. Actively cultivate exhibition activities with Qingdao's distinctive characteristics, high recognition and loved by citizens, so as to make characteristic exhibitions become the "label" of Qingdao.

Accelerate the construction of "four highlands"

Give full play to the resource gathering role of the four professional exhibition venues of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, Qingdao International Expo Center, China Railway Qingdao World Expo City and Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, highlight their respective positioning, realize differentiated development, incubate new exhibition growth points and create "four exhibition highlands" with distinctive characteristics in combination with their regional and industrial background advantages.

Continue to promote the action of "five key challenges"

We will continue to promote the five "key" actions of digital exhibition, green exhibition, intelligent exhibition hall, exhibition attraction and transportation support, promote the digital, intelligent and green upgrading of Qingdao's exhibition industry, create a more convenient and comfortable service environment for the exhibition, and actively attract major exhibition activities closely integrated with Qingdao's industry and urgent market demand, Promote the transformation and upgrading of Qingdao's Convention and exhibition industry, improve quality and efficiency.

Deeply implement the "six actions"

Implement the action of "strengthening" brand exhibition, and actively build a new generation of exhibition leading brand representing Qingdao's brand and image.

Implement the action of "covering" key industries, cultivate and introduce major exhibition activities supporting 13 key industrial chains in the city, and form a pattern of mutual promotion and integrated development of industry and exhibition.

Implement the "forest cultivation" action of the main body of the Convention and exhibition, and encourage all kinds of convention and exhibition enterprises to establish Convention and exhibition groups through capital operation forms such as acquisition, merger and equity participation, so as to build a leading enterprise of the Convention and exhibition.

Implement the action of "promotion" of international exchanges, strengthen contacts with international professional institutions and enterprises, actively establish strategic cooperation, and improve the internationalization level of Qingdao Convention and exhibition.

Implement the "link" action of the exhibition industry, take the exhibition enterprises as the leader, and strengthen the integration with industries closely related to the exhibition industry, such as transportation, tourism, catering and accommodation.

Implement the "uplift" action of the peninsula Convention and exhibition, strengthen the interconnection mechanism of the Convention and exhibition industry in the six cities of Qingdao, Yantai, Weiwei, Weiwei, Japan and Linlin, and promote the integrated development of the peninsula.

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