Convention and Exhibition Industry Association established in West Coast New Area

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On April 27, the conference of exhibition industry of Qingdao West Coast new area successfully held, marking the formal establishment of the Federation. At present, the Federation has 50 member units, covering the exhibition hall, conference, exhibition, construction, hotel and other exhibition industry upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises. The relevant leaders of the municipal and district industry departments, the CPPCC and the municipal Convention and Exhibition Industry Association attended the meeting.


As the first district level exhibition industry association in Qingdao, the New Area Exhibition Industry Federation will vigorously promote the exhibition industry in the new area to a new stage of market-oriented, standardized and scale development. The Federation aims at "fair competition, common development, strengthening academic research and exchange, improving the level of new district meetings and exhibitions, promoting the economic prosperity of the new area and healthy and orderly development of exhibition industry". On the one hand, it will become a bridge and link between enterprises and government, and better implement the industrial development policies and policies; On the other hand, it will give full play to the role of industry norms, coordination, service and self-discipline, and bear the social responsibility. By promoting the standardized, refined and diversified development of services, new industrial value will be created, and good atmosphere of the industry will be fostered, and fair competition and high-quality development of exhibition economy will be promoted.


As a platform for promoting industry interaction and strengthening the upstream and downstream interconnection of industrial chain, the New Area Exhibition Industry Federation will seek channels to improve the professional level and quality of practitioners, attract more and more industry elites to join, and form a virtuous cycle of sharing resources and seeking common development.


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