[conference] Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum conference Qingdao service guarantee on-site meeting & Innovation Project roadshow was held in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City

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   In order to do a solid job in the preparations for the Boao Forum for Asia and the global health forum, a Qingdao on-site working meeting on service guarantee of the global health forum was held at the International Conference Center of Qingdao World Expo City on April 17 to re mobilize and re deploy the preparations for the conference.


    Wan Jianzhong and Yu Dongquan, deputy secretaries general of Qingdao municipal government, Cheng Ji, executive director of the Boao Forum for Asia Secretariat, Luo Xielong, executive director of the Organizing Committee of the health conference, Qingdao Foreign Affairs Office, Qingdao Municipal Health Commission, West Coast New Area Management Committee and other relevant preparatory units attended.


    At the meeting, the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Municipal Health Commission and the Organizing Committee of the health conference respectively reported the progress of the preliminary work of the conference and the focus of the next work. Then Cheng Ji, executive director of the Boao Forum for Asia Secretariat, and WAN Jianzhong, Deputy Secretary General of Qingdao municipal government, mobilized and deployed the preparations for the global health forum again.


    On the same day, the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum (GHF Conference) held a pre roadshow of GHF Qingdao innovation project at the China Railway Qingdao World Expo City Conference Center. More than 100 experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from Qingdao in the field of biomedicine and general health attended the meeting.




It is reported that all the projects in the Qingdao innovation project roadshow to be officially held in June are 100 excellent innovation projects with development prospects at home and abroad and even developed to the clinical stage based on the full investigation of the industrial status of the biomedical industry by GHF organizing committee.

In this rehearsal meeting, experts and scholars in the field of great health made professional and wonderful introductions to more than 70 innovative projects. Through the pre roadshow of some innovative projects, it aims to further promote the exchange of innovative projects at home and abroad, promote the development of big health industry in Shandong Province and Qingdao through the implementation of big health industry projects, and lay a solid foundation for the industrial implementation of Qingdao innovation project roadshow in June.



    The Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum will be held in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City, West Coast new area, Qingdao from June 10 to 12, 2019.


    The conference was jointly hosted by the Boao Forum for Asia Secretariat and the people's Government of Shandong Province and hosted by the people's Government of Qingdao.


    The first global health forum put forward the slogan of "health is everywhere and the 2030 era of sustainable development". Focusing on the theme of "health for all", it discussed hot issues in health-related fields, gathered the wisdom of all parties and promoted global cooperation.


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