[meeting] the second meeting of the first Council of the center for Marine Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences was held

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  Qingdao daily, May 28 - this morning, the second meeting of the first Council of the great marine science research center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was held. 34 directors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Province and Qingdao and more than 50 experts and scholars from co construction units attended the meeting. The meeting heard and considered the report of Wang Fan, leader of the preparatory working group of the center, on the construction progress of the Marine Science Research Center in 2018 and the key work plan in 2019. Zhang Tao, member of the Party group, vice president and co construction chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yu Jie, vice governor and co construction chairman of Shandong Province, and Meng Fanli, deputy secretary of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee, mayor and co construction chairman, attended and addressed the meeting.


 In his speech, Zhang Tao pointed out that in order to thoroughly implement the "three faced" and "four lead" requirements put forward by general secretary Xi Jinping, the Academy of Sciences has implemented the "take the lead" plan since 2014, and promoted the classified reform of the Institute. Building a large marine science research center is one of the important measures taken by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to accelerate the implementation of the "first action" plan. Since its establishment, the center has made beneficial explorations and attempts in discipline layout, system and mechanism, project planning, platform construction, resource allocation and other aspects, and achieved substantive results. It is hoped that the center will further refine the development plan and clarify the construction objectives around the national marine strategy and the economic and social development needs of Shandong Province and Qingdao, so as to provide innovative power for building a marine power and accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong. We should actively try first, carry out institutional and mechanism innovation exploration, pay close attention to planning and distributing major projects, organize and improve the scientific objectives and construction plans of national major scientific and technological infrastructure during the 14th five year plan, and expand the sustainable innovation capacity of marine scientific research. We should integrate with the construction of marine national laboratories, build a world-class scientific research institution, and play a strategic scientific and technological supporting role in accelerating the construction of a marine power and improving the ability of marine resources development.



  In his speech, Yu Jie pointed out that supporting the construction of the marine scientific research center is an important measure for Shandong to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping's request for Shandong's "taking the lead in the forefront and comprehensively creating" work. Shandong will continue to integrate resources from all parties, increase investment and support, and try its best to do a good job in service. It is hoped that on the basis of "first-class planning, first-class planning, first-class environment and first-class future", the grand Marine Science Research Center will make persistent efforts in building a first-class platform and first-class team, open up the channel between basic research, applied research and the real economy, integrate high-quality resources at home and abroad, and actively launch the grand scientific plan at the national level, Continue to make efforts in the application of big data in marine science and give play to greater benefits as soon as possible. Qingdao and relevant departments directly under the provincial government should earnestly shoulder their responsibilities and tasks, further form a joint force, and strive to build the center into a world-class marine science and technology innovation platform with the joint efforts of the Academy, provinces and cities.


  In his speech, Meng pointed out that the three sides to jointly build the marine scientific research center is an important action to carry out the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping "to pay more attention to the strategic ocean" and the strategy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is hoped that the large marine scientific research center will accelerate the construction progress, quickly form a strong research and innovation ability, form a number of major scientific research achievements, and build a world-class marine scientific and technological innovation platform, so as to provide strong strategic support for the in-depth implementation of the strategy of becoming a marine power and the high-quality development of marine economy. Qingdao has issued a series of highly competitive talent recruitment policies. It is building a global venture capital center and vigorously supporting the construction of various innovation platforms. We will aim at the rapid and high-quality development of the center, create the best environment, do a good job in service guarantee and support the construction and development of the center.


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